Decipher job manager demand

I’m trying to understand why the job manager only shows a demand of 2.84 (similar to Job F-319402), but there are no demand links listed in job manager, and tons more demand from firmed jobs.


I took a look at fulfillment workbench, but only one job had 2 (not 2.84) units tagged “picking” and “fulfilled”.

Job Manager’s Field Help states:
Demand (Entire Company) - Displays the quantity of the selected part that is reserved for current sales orders and jobs. This is the sum of all the current demand links placed against the current part

What do the asterisks by the qty’s in the Inventory pane indicate?

Have you tried running:

Also, what does Time Phase MTLs show? Any differences than in Job Manager or Demand Workbench?

Hi Calvin - Thanks. The asterisks show truncated decimal places (* 4.17 is actually 4.1564 when you hover over it).

I did Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations during last night’s maintenance window, and the Demand (Entire Company) is much closer to what I’d expect (now only off by two when I sum the Job Manager demand pane instead of 100ish. I assume the 2 is qty that’s picked or allocated somewhere).

In the Refresh Part Quantities and Allocations report, Part 131P096 is listed twice. What’s odd is that the Demand Qty Before/After didn’t change to the 105 shown in the Job Manager.