Declared Value in Quick Ship

Hello all, hoping someone can point out anything I’m missing. I have been going back and forth on Epicor support about this issue for awhile…
I was under the impression that by clicking the “Declared Value” checkbox in the Ship Code, that it would then grab the amount automatically from the sales order. I have discovered this is not the case.

The declared value checkbox is on the customer, sales order, and pack. So thus, you have to click this every time if you want to claim insurance on a package? (Or do a BPM?)

Can anyone tell me your policy for this at your company? Thank you!

I just called my shipping department, and he said it grabs it from the sales order after he clicks it.

It all depends on the status of the pack though.

If you click it before you close it, you won’t see a value update upon checking it… But as soon as you close it then it will populate.

If you close it first and then click it, it will populate right away, because it’s closed.

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And I can’t say that this all acts the same from version to version…

Thanks Utah. I tested it and found the same. I just wasn’t under the impression we had to “click” anything if it was selected on the ship code. It definitely works, I just now have to either change our SOP to click the declared value or do a BPM to automatically click it.

I see, no problem. Good luck! What do you mean by ship code?

In Quick Ship, we had it checked under the Ship Code (UPS ground, etc)

I see! Yeah I didn’t even know about that area.