Decommission Epicor 9 servers after upgrading to Epicor 10

A number of months ago we moved from Epicor 9 to Epicor 10. Epicor 10 has been working fine and according to our accounting people, we can go ahead and decommission the App and Database servers. Epicor is of little help when asking questions about the process.

Is there a specific process I need to follow when decommissioning these servers? Do I need to say remove the App servers prior to the database server?

Are there published decommissioning steps anywhere? I have looked and not really seen anything.

Thanks in advance.

First off, I’d be really really sure that your new system isn’t using anything from the old system - as you never know if some resource was referenced by computer name and full path.

Just shutdown the server.


I have thought about doing that as well…