Decrease order qty with Allocations

In order entry, the order will not allow the inside sales people to decrease the quantity when there has been an allocation against it, how do we correct this?

I’m trying to piece together how the topic matches the request? I think if it’s already been allocated you’re going to have to do some dancing to get that to work. Will it not allow it if there is any allocation at all or are you trying to get it to un-allocate and decrease the full qty?

We are trying to decrease it from the SO entry program and when we reduce the quantity from 2 to 1 we get an error saying it is not allowed due to allocations.

It’s providing that warning to keep data consistent - you wouldn’t want to have 2 allocated, against an order that you’ve now decreased to 1!

So you either need to open Fulfilment Workbench, search that order line, and then do “Unallocate and unreserve” from the Actions menu. Or, you write a BPM that is attached to the ChangeQty or Update methods from SalesOrder, which checks for allocations, and if it finds any then it does the unallocate for you, reduces the qty on order, then re-does the allocation if required.