Default Book Mode in Company Configuration is disabled and empty

Good Morning.

If I go to Company Configuration > Modules > Finance > General Ledger.

The field Default Book Mode is disabled and do not have any option. It should has the options: Single Book or Multibook.
Do you know why is it disabled? Do I need to do a previous configuration to enable it? What document can I follow to make this configuration? for example: EpicorImplementation_UserGuide.

It is a new implementation.

Thank you,

Gerardo Grimaldo

I assumed that you must own the mutlibook license to change that value.

But it is disabled and empty.
Also the Default Journal Code, Default Opening Journal Code and Default Closing Journal Code.
I think it must be Single book. Maybe disabled but with the option single book.
The question is to identify if I need to do a configuration to allow the selection.
But thanks Jason.