Default values in EpiCombo not saving to db

Hello EPICOR experts… I’ve been trying to set default values on 4 EpiCombos in a BPM data form that’s triggered by a button on the Quote Entry Line screen, and I was able to get the values to display in the combos. However when the record is saved by clicking the save icon, the values don’t show up in the saved record for that Quote Detail unless I click on the combos and select the values. The default values are showing as the text property in the customization. So I must be missing an update of some type here (or something). Here’s the screenshot of the EpiCombos…

Here’s the code that sets the defaults.

Can someone help me out here? Thanks!

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Never mind… I figured it out. In the EpiNotifyArgs(oTrans…) I changed the oTrans to the form name and voila, it’s working!

What method do yo do this on? If I call notify after I set all my values on my button click event nothing is saved to the database. When I look all the values that I expect to be what I set them to are blank.