Defaulting Labor Entry to Quantity Only

Is this a configuration somewhere i cant find, or do we need a BPM?

I want the default set to Quantity only when i add an operation.

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It will be BPM that you will need when you add an operation if you are doing this in both engineering workbench or job entry then you will need multiple bpms. You will also need to set the employees who clock this off to report quantity only and also enable the report quantity button and also train the employees on how to report quantity ie don’t start production/stop production, just report the quantity.

If the added op is not the last op on the assembly then you can set to backflush rather than quantity only and you will not need to log anything for that op - key point this will only work if there is another op on the same assembly.

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Thanks, created some DD on ECOOpr and JobOper.

We actually dont care about the time, but do care where the job is at. So we are still going to start production and end activity. Do this still just uses the estimated cost. I have a critical dashboard that is used to track where the job is for jobs marked critical. So I need to know where the job is at.


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For your purposes you do not need to start and stop production activity unless you specifically need to know someone has started the operation.

If you just wish to move the job from operation to operation and have estimate cost post as actual when qty is reported you can use the report quantity process which is 50% less shop floor transactions.