Delete Bank Adjustment Group

I had to put this under V8 but this is really for a system on Vantage 6.10.543 (YIKES!!)

A user created a Bank Adjustment Entry group and now we can’t access this group or update it. I have no idea what they did but if I can delete it or at least modify it so they can access it again.

I found more info and an post from years ago. from what I have found I will need a fix from Epicor. I doubt I will get it since this version is no longer supported. Unless some on has it and can share.

I think I need a Fixcash.r fix.

Just a few shots in the dark …

Did you try re-opening the period that 11/30 is in?

Can you usually have multiple groups? (Meaning being able to edit “older” ones after a “newer” one has been created - for the same Bank Account)

Can user bmessa access it?

Are there any details in the group? (as in records related to that group)

Was that group possibly submitted for processing, but errored out before completing?

What if you try to make a new group with the same groupID?

Do you have access to EpicWeb answerbooks?
Wonder if 580MPS might describe something similar?
Since your Cashbook column is “Yes”

  • where the system created some related groups with group IDs same as the BankID that are locking you out?
  • AR Cash Receipts
  • AP Payment Entry
  • AP Bank Adjustment Entry

This version is so OLD and I haven’t touched it since 2013…I don’t remember. Never had this issue before.

No one can access the group.

Not sure if I have access but I am sure I do. I will check it out.

I reviewed the answer book and it gave an explanation but not how to fix it. Thanks

Just a wild guess…
If you are able to find any related groups… and if possible to edit any of those?
The way I read the answerbook, has me thinking there is some hierarchy involved and the Bank Adjustment Group is a child. Changes must be made to a parent group?

Hi, can you tell me how you fixed this?