Delete old BAQs - Quick


Does anyone know a quick way to delete a range of old BAQs at once?

I could pull up each one, one at a time and do it, but trying to find a faster way.


Do you have DMT? You could load the list of queries and do a Delete rather than an Update.

Thanks Sam - I do. Do you happen to know how to find BAQ in DMT? I was searching for BAQ or similar things and could not find it in the menu search.

I don’t see it either.

You are right; I don’t see them. Interesting that they have report styles and not BAQs… Not sure what else to tell you, other than to use SQL delete, which is outside the system.

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The other option – if there are a ton of them – is to see if Epicor will make you a data fix.

Hi Peter
I copied the BAQ search grid to Excel.
In Excel I could chose, select and copy (Cntl+C) the BAQ ID that I wished to delete.
I then Pasted this (Cntl+V) back into the BAQ General page, QueryID field, hit tab and hit delete.
Good luck, mate