Delete or adjust unneeded AP Credit Memo? (called Debit Memo in Epicor)

I had printed checks and noticed before I put it in the mail that one of the invoices on the check stated “Do not pay – Paid by Credit Card”. Apparently the Purchaser had an issue with the PO and was forced to pay by AMEX.

I voided the check, created an AP credit memo (called debit memo in Epicor), and applied it to the invoice in question to clear that posted invoice/payment in the system. I went to check invoice entry and payment entry to make sure that it would still pull in the received lines from the original invoice and reprint the check, but the original invoice did not show.

This is probably where I made a mistake. I created ANOTHER credit memo, and referenced the same initial invoice. I believe that I maybe missed a step somewhere along the way, but basically I appear to have a credit memo that is entirely unneeded. Long story short:

• Printed check
• Voided check
• Created credit memo to cancel the original invoice
• Applied the credit memo
• I could not find the original invoice in payment entry or adjustment
• Created a 2nd credit memo, using the same invoice number as the “Ref Invoice”, with nothing to apply it to

Now I’m wondering: do I need to create a new invoice to cancel this credit memo out? Or should it be adjusted out? And once I have gotten rid of the credit memo, do I need to create a new AP invoice so that I can enter for our AMEX payments/adjustments?

I hope that makes some kind of sense. If you need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask…this situation has me baffled!!!

Thanks in advance for your time and assistance!

Kevin Pierson
Accounting Clerk
ULTRAX Aerospace, Inc.

Beth , AL, Calvin Krusen? I could really appreciate some words of wisdom from you all on this if it makes any sense! :slight_smile:

I have gotten myself into another mess! If you have a few minutes today to read through this and tell me if you have ever heard of this or what you would do in this situation that would be great of you.

I am very grateful for you all.


I would say adjust the debit memo to zero and create a bank adjusment for the AMEX payment.

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Thanks for your reply, Dora!!

When you say “adjust the debit memo to zero”, what exactly do you mean by this? Do you mean create another debit memo to counter it, or do you mean actually adjust it off to zero in the “Adjustment” entry screen?

With AMEX payments I normally invoice them, and then adjust them off back to zero.