Delete row from UltraGrid

It’s me again guys. I have an EpiUltraGrid and I need to remove the line if the job number in column 1 matches the one I just processed. I think the wise approach here would be to remove it from the datasource that is bound to the UltraGrid. Otherwise, I would think if the Ultragrid is refreshed, the deleted row will reappear. My question is, how do I delete the row from the datasource? I am looping through the ultragrid so I will know the Ultragrid row it’s on and just need to get rid of it. Any ideas for this Windows desktop app developer?

What type of data is the DataSource (DataTable, DataView, EpiDataView, etc)?
You could also use a RowFilter to filter completed rows.

It is a DataTable.

check as below code.

    for(int delCount = epiUltraGridRmaDisp.Rows.Count - 1; delCount >= 0; delCount--)
        if(epiUltraGridRmaDisp.Rows[delCount].GetCellValue("Calculated_Chk").ToString() == "True")

Thanks guys. This is exactly what I need and is working.