Deleting an Updatable BAQ what is the behavior

I’m just trying to understand what the default behavior of Epicor around deleting an updatable BAQ. (10.1.600).

Are the related sub-folders in the server\BPM\sources\uBAQ folder for that BAQ supposed to be deleted when you delete the associated uBAQ?

What are the implications of the specific folder having mulitple sub-folders (I’m assuming is caused by regenerating or making changes to the BAQ methods)?

Here’s a screenshot.

That’s just the source code where it goes temporarily during compiling.
Having a zillion folders or files there affects nothing a deleting the ubaq will not clean that up

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And just another question…When should you see files/folders in the

\EpicorErpPilot\Server\BPM\Builds\Ubaq folder?

When the build is done (enabled checkbox save)

Sorry just to clarify, are you saying when you click enabled on the BPM and save it should store files in the Builds folder? Do they exist in perpetuity?

Yes I believe so

Hmm interesting

Actually I thought you were on 10.0 as of 10.1 they store the dlls in the Db on a bloob.

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Well there you go I finally found the one thing I needed to learn today…:slight_smile: My Day is done.

Thanks Jose.

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