Deleting Shipment Line in AR and adding new Line

Hello guys,

I have made 1 shipment and its Invoice is created. Now, in this bymistake Wrong SO is selected. Issue for us is that we cant delete InvoiceNum due to some internal resstriction.

I deleted Invoice Line only but now its not giving option to add new Line for Invoice Type SHP. If I try again GetShipment then its creating new Invoice for this same old PackNum.

Is there any way where we can update the SO or we can getShipment for same Invoice (not to create new one).

I didnt found any configuration in Company also.

If there is any way then kindly let us know. Thanks in advance

You can post the AR Invoice and later raise a Credit Memo to cancel it.
Important question over here is Customer Shipment entry is done against correct SO or not?

You can basically ask your system admins to delete the invoice for you if they did restrict your permission to do it.

Hello guys,

Actually its a Intercompany PO. Invoice number is approved at Custom so we cant delete the Invoice Number due to which I had tried deleting only Invoice Line. Yes , in Shipment also wrong SO due to which during GetShipment, it came with Wrong SO too in Invoice Entry.

So I tried, like deleting the Invoice Line, Untick the Shipped status in Shipment , correct the SO, shipped and doing GetShipment again under this same Group, same Invoice but its taking new Invoice Number which I didnt wanted…

If any other workaround then need to see how it can be done.