Demand for loan or RMA work

epicor version 9.05.701

Typically, demand is created through a sales order when a purchase order is received from the customer.
This then generates turnover when the sales order is invoiced.

But what happens when we want to create demand that isn’t turnover? For eg…we want to loan out some stock (but a job needs to be raised)
An order can be put on for this, sure…which when MRP is ran will create a job…but we can’t go on and invoice this order as it isn’t turnover.

My question is, is there another way of creating demand (for work such as loan) that isn’t turnover, other than creating a sales order?

Many thanks in advance.

You could make to stock, receipt the job to stock when done and then do an inventory adjustment when you loan the item to the customer?
You may need to look at how the reason code is setup to ensure the correct financial transactions are generated.


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I agree with Brett on Make to Stock. You still own it.

When you are loaning the equipment, is it like a rental? What will you do with the part after it is returned? Loan it to somebody else?

What is your compensation for these loans?

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