Demand for warehouse where part revision is NOT approved


Has anyone done a report that shows demand for warehouse where part revision is not approved

I want to find any unapproved part that appear from time to time.

Are you talking about unapproved Revisions or items waiting Inspection or…?

Parts for warehouse or even jobs where revisions is not approved. Eg BOM parts

This would be two BAQs.

  1. PartWhse joined to PartRev. Filter for PartWhse.OnHandQty > 0 and PartRev.ApprovedRev = false. Note that the Revision is lost when an item is placed in Inventory.
  2. JobMtl to PartRev. Filter for PartRev.ApprovedRev = false.

Hi Jason,
Thanks for the reply, yes i did come up with a sql query like this.

but in terms of two BAQs what do you mean by this? i dont do many baq’s

You question requested a “report” to show certain data. Since there isn’t already any output like this, it would have to be created. Most created reports must start with a BAQ. In this case you are asking for data from 2 different places, so it may be two reports and therefore 2 BAQs.