Demand Looks Off

Here is a clip of job manager for a particular part. To me it seems the company wide Demand is a little off. CAn anyone tell me what I am missing?

Do you have a snip of the Time-Phase screen for the item?

I might check Time Phase for this part if you haven’t already done so.
Any clues there?

When I have found discrepancies, depending on the type I might try one of the rebuild processes. e.g. Refresh Part Qtys/Allocations, etc…

Hard to know too much from just the screen shot.

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I do not understand the suggestions to move those five jobs from their current schedule to 12/8/2016. There doesn’t seem to be a reason for that except to bring inventory above the minimum/safety stock value. Even then, that’s only 280 pieces, the system is suggesting bringing inventory up to over 800 pieces. It’s almost like the max on hand is being handled like a min on hand.

In order to simplify the picture, I would remove the min on hand, max on hand and safety stock values. Rerun MRP, and see if the suggestions line up with demand. If they don’t, something else is happening under the hood.

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