Demand Planning- Driving demand requirements to our lowest level components

I recently identified an issue with how our demand planning is operating inside of Epicor. I am assuming we have master data misaligned but I am not sure where to start my analysis and I was hoping someone may be able to help out. Currently I will see demand placed on assembly 123. To build 123 we need assembly ABC. Epicor is generating change suggestions to increase jobs already issued to the floor on assembly 123 vs generating new MRP suggestions. When Epicor generates these change suggestions, the demand is not netting proper MRP requirements to part ABC. The system basically is saying "change the job already out on the floor to the new requirements and THEN MRP would signal ABC to be produced. Unfortunately our team is very small and we do not have time to review these change suggestions (I know that is very bad practice for the supply chain but unfortunately it is our reality). In addition, our business processes does not support changing job books that have already been issued to the floor. Seeing how we are not honoring these change suggestions, our lower level assemblies are netting proper MRP requirements. I identified a work around by locking the job so no change suggestion would be produced and only new MRP requirements are generated however 2- 5 years down the road I know we will want to start honoring those change notifications. That is only a work around and I want to address the root cause. In short, does anyone know system settings that I can investigate that would allow demand at our higher ASSYs to net proper MRP requirements at the lower level ASSYs without having to convert change notifications. Any help or insight is GREATLY appreciated.