Despatch Note Label Printing

Hi Martin,

You can pre-determine which printer a Crystal report goes to with some careful printer naming:

In the Crystal Reports Designer program, open your report, then go to the Print Setup option under the File menu. Choose the printer you'd like the report to go to, then re-save the report.

When run by a client, the report will print to your chosen printer IF:

- The name of the printer on the client machine is exactly the same as it's name on the machine that you just saved the report on. If this is not the case, you have some renaming to do!

If the printer on the client machine is named differently, the report will go to the client's default printer, whatever that may be, unless they manually change it's destination.

Does that make sense? Hope it helps :-)

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Good morning all.

We'd like to start printing labels when a despatch note is printed. I
think I can cover the complexities of the Crystal report (we have more
than one labels style) but the problem I can't seem to get my head
around is getting the label to print on a different printer to the
despatch note. We have a couple of specialist label printers that I can
hook up to windows directly but how do I get Crystal to use a specific
printer without exception? I.e. The despatch note will print off to the
default printer, which is a dot matrix, and the label would go to the
specialist thermal printer.

Does anybody have any thoughts, ideas or experience that they'd like to

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Martin Horton
PRD Holdings Ltd

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