Detail with PO Receipts

I have a purchase order receipt.

In RcvHead, I have the following data:

VendorNum PurPoint PackSlip ReceiptDate EntryDate Plant PONum

799 F/0127 2023-10-16 2023-10-16 MfgSys 36785

In RcvDtl, I have the following data:

VendorNum PurPoint PackSlip PackLine PONum POLine

799 F/0127 1 36785 1
799 F/0127 2 36958 1

When tracking purchase orders, 36785 shows both received lines from orders 36785 and 36958. However, when checking in the Order Tracker, PO 36958 does not show reception details.

Is this an error? Should the system allow this type of movement?

Can you please help me with this doubt?

Can you post a screenshot of what you are looking at in Order Tracker? If this is the regular Order Tracker in Order Management, I’m not sure where you would see a PO.

This is the header of my purchase order receipt:

And this is the detail:

Is it correct for the system to allow receiving more than one purchase order in the same receipt note, even when the header of the receipt is directly related to a single purchase order?

Yes, the system will allow you to receive lines from more than one PO. Whether you do is either your company policy/training or if not you could create a BPM to prevent.

You might want to allow multiple PO on one receiving pack slip if, for example, your supplier ships items from more than one PO on a single pack list, your pack then aligns with the supplier pack list. I’m a big fan of “tell the system what you are actually doing, when you actually do it”. If it physically arrives that way, put it into Epicor that way.

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