Determining which POs were generated by PO suggestions

I’ve looked at the trace while generating PO suggestions, and it doesn’t appear that any PO numbers are determined. The archived thread below is from 2010, so maybe someone has figured something out since then? The thread confirms what I saw in the trace.

I think the old post mentions the problem in starting from a PO and retrieving specific suggestion details.

Wonder if that is what you wanted?
Or do you just want to see a flag in the PO record to indicate whether it was generated from a suggestion or manually created?

What we were hoping for was generating a list of the POs that are created whenever PO suggestions is used to generate POs.

OK, I think I did this before & was pretty simple, will post details alter if I can find them.

In the meantime, here are a couple ways I’ve seen others get a list of POs from suggestions…

a.) New PO Suggestion entry

  • after selecting/autoselecting “Buy”
  • and before generating the POs
  • switch to the list and copy the grid to Excel.

b.) BAQ for the table SugPoDtl (and maybe SugPoMsc too).

  • same rules as above
    – after selecting/autoselecting “Buy”
    – and before generating the POs

At PO Suggestion Entry, the suggestions do not have POs associated with them yet. SugPODtl has a PO field, but it is 0 for all entries. What links a suggestion to a PO?

I would create a UD field that is a Boolean and then figure out the method that converts a suggestion to a PO and use a BPM to check off the UD field.

Oh yeah, sorry I forgot they were doing it manually by joining data from two BAQs in Excel.
— e.g. first get the SubPODtl list before generating the POs
— second get the new PODtl list after generating
---- third linking manually in Excel, which work but…
Will be much more convenient if you can use a BPM to update a UD field in the PODtl table
…if I can find my example will upload.

UD field
Now I remember…

I used the standard comment field instead of a UD field.
Data Directive InTrans for the SuggPoDtl table

  • for added rows - I set field CommentText.

The updated comment is automatically copied over to the PO Detail comment when the PO is generated from the suggestion.

Your mileage may vary… depending on how your comments look/are used.

Ref screen shot…

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So does Epicor automatically copy the SugPoDtl.CommentText to PODetail.CommentText?


Note the expression in the previous screen shot
It “should” preserve any existing comment and only append the SugPODtl stufft.
But… you’ll probably want to try this in your test system first to verify it does what you want.

Also… the Suggestion(s) get deleted when creating the PO(s)
So Sugg number(s) would be useless… unless you copied the suggestions someplace before generating POs.
e.g. copy/paste to Excel.

It didn’t work when I used “added row”, but when I set it to “updated row”, it worked! Thank you, this will at least tell us whether a PO was generated from a suggestion.

You might want to do both?

  • Added Row should work when your process initially generates the suggestions
  • Updated Row should work when you edit existing suggestions thru the entry from
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