Dev environment server and client refresh from Prod

We are looking to refresh our Dev environment from production with the server and client files. I’m thinking all of the server files on the Epicor905 can be copied over but which client files and folders should and should not be copied from Prod to Dev?

In a Nutshell:

  • Database Copy via the OpenEdge Progress Command Line
  • Attachments w/ updated Paths (you dont want someone to delete an Attachment and it deletes the Prod Path)
  • Once copied you change the System Agent Port from like 9401 (prod) to 9431 (pilot)

In addition:
Tweak any other settings such as perhaps, printer UNC Paths to point to some bogus or test printer, any API Keys such as Avalara so you don’t get billed…

If you have Replication enabled, turn that off in DEV.

I usually never copied over any files, I even shared the same EpicorData Folder.

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