Difference Between PPlantMtl and Time Phase

Could someone please tell me what the difference is between PPlantMtl and Time Phase? I have a part that is saying we have a shortage in PPlantMtl table but in Time Phase we have plenty. I don’t get why one is reporting we will be short for jobs for that part and the other is saying we have stock.

PPlanMtl is for the Production Planner Workbench, which requires its own process to be run for it to be updated. AFTER you have run MRP (which will update the Time Phase table PartDtl), you need to run the Production Planner Process to update the PPlanMtl table.

We run MRP at 2am and Production Planner Process every hour but it still doesn’t output the same. See below, we have a shortage report that shows all parts that are short for jobs using the PPlanMtl table and for that part it is saying that we require 135, 100 being availble and 35 being short. But when I look in Time Phase for that job it says we have plenty, please see below. I just don’t understand.


Since you’re running Production Planner more frequently than MRP, is it possible there are transactions occurring that are being reflected in one but not the other?

Beyond that, I’m always leery of using historical dates (I understand the need sometimes, but it does not reflect reality).

The first thing I’d WANT to check in troubleshooting (but it is probably impossible, seeing as how it’s washers) would be to verify that the on-hand quantity is accurate. If there is a discrepancy there that could be the issue. Take a look at the “Refresh PartBin QOH from PartTran” program (that can be filtered to run on a single part number) in Report Only mode and see.