Different internal part numbers to one customer part number

It is my understanding that E10 will not allow multiple internal parts numbers to be cross referenced to one customer part number. Our customer may order part ABC and we have a internal part ABC. That same customer may also order part ABC will a special requirement. The customer part is still ABC but our internal part number may be ABC-SP.

Has anyone else run across this and how did you work around it?

Can you link to a different revision?

How about using Alternate Part in Part Entry?

Perhaps you could use the same E10 Part with a different Revision for the different internal variants. You can have more than one Approved Revision for an E10 Part.

This might play havoc with Job planning or Sourcing or Engineering, so best run it by someone that would know - which I don’t, yet.

Not sure if this is the solution, but we had an issue where the customer PO was for Rev -, but the drawing rev kept changing (u1, u2, etc). What we ended up doing is setting up the customer part# and Rev on the sales order to be the part#, and the rev listed on the PO (rev -). Our part# was the part# and the print revision (U1, U2, etc).

Internally on all out documents, the print rev showed up, but to any documents going to the customer, the revision listed on the PO showed up.

On the sales order you could enter your part as ABC-SP, and the customer part as ABC. Then any travellers and documents for you would be for ABC-SP, but packlists and invoices to the customer would show ABC. Just a thought

We tried different solutions like part revisions and alternate parts but it didn’t seem to work. The solution we came up with was prior to entering the order for the 2nd internal part number, we can go into the customer part cross reference and delete the 1st internal part reference. You are then able to go in and enter the order.

Are you going in and changing this reference on every SO line item? Does this cause any issues for existing SO’s? I am working through something very similiar and keep hitting dead ends.