Digest Number 868-Bar-coding of Finished Goods

We have not gone live yet either, but we have developed a system to print
barcode labels from an Access front end using an ODBC connection. If anyone
would like more info about it give me a call.

Brian Stenglein
Clow Stamping Company
Software Support & Development Tech.


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Date: Tue, 1 Aug 2000 12:58:52 -0500
From: Darren Mann <dmann@...>


I hate to be the bearer of bad news BUT....

Vantage does little to aid in the barcoding of finished goods. period. We
were forced to develop a custom application to allow us the ability to do
"compliance" labeling that you speak of. The application pulls information
from the job, creates a text file and using Label Matrix to output the
labels to a Zebra 105s printer located in the shipping dept. Hardware is
none dependant on Vantage since it does not even know what is happening.

I have talked until blue in the face with Epicor to get something going in
this realm, but it does not seem to be a hot enough topic with all the
e-commerce stuff happening. There was mention of a bin tracker program that
was slated for 5.0 release but I am not sure to its capabilities. Maybe
someone with more insight into the workings of this project can fill us both
in on whether it will do package labeling as you have outlined.

We have the problem that some customers need different information on their
labels so we have multiple formats that are selected at the time the label
is generated. If you would like more information regarding our custom app
give me a call. 515-342-2103 ext 312. We did hire someone to help get
started on the program but I did most of the design and implementation. Do
not hire custom programming unless you are sitting down when you get their
quote. p.s. They didn't even know what compliance labeling was.....

Good luck,

Darren Mann
Miller Products Co.

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> Hello-
> We are currently only using Vantage for Accounts Payable and
> General Ledger
> purposes, however, plan on fully implementing the
> manufacturing modules
> within the next six months or so. With that said, we have a couple of
> customers that are going to require us to barcode all
> shipments in the near
> future before we fully implement Vantage. In an attempt to
> plan ahead, what
> types of barcoding equipment/software is being used by other
> Vantage users?
> Is it necessary/helpful to utilize equipment/software that is
> compatible
> with Vantage? I'd appreciate any thoughts or input on this situation.
> Thanks!
> Rick Ludwig
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