Digitize images from x-ray/MRI film

Any one know of the best way to scan an image off a film like those used in a x-ray or MRI?

Those films are typically viewed by placing them on a light box. This obviously requires lighting from behind. Common document scanners work by measuring the light reflected off the document.

Any thoughts ?

not that i have an answer but I am surprised you have film unless old. When I got my scans they were all on a CD.:slightly_smiling_face:

Yeah over 10 years old.

Truth be told, they are MRI images of my head. I want to digitize each and pull them into my 3D cad software and build a 3D model of my skull. Then print it on my 3D printer. :slight_smile:


We read MRI’s with DICOM readers, but I imagine you would be able to somehow use that to create the 3D image in a program. X-rays are harder because they aren’t calibrated (most of the time) and obviously only have certain views taken whereas the MRI will give you many more slices and is electronically calibrated

The MRI is several cross-sections. If I can get them as image files, I can build the 3D model.

My issue is with getting the images scanned. With the most important aspect is the all end up with the same scale.

Try opening up the MRI and should see the dicom files in there, which are the image files

LOL … All I have is a film about 20" x 36" with 20-30 individual images on it.

oh lol, I thought you had the electronic copy. Err, can you get it from the doc? That would make it a whole lot easier :wink:

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What about scanning with the lid open and a light source behind the film? Would that reflect properly?

I’ve used a monitor displaying a white screen at full brightness as a quick and dirty light box before - maybe something similar could work? :thinking:

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I was figured the scanners light source - which is in front of the film, would just create reflections on the films surface. And not reflections of the image on the film, just “glare”.

As a typical engineer, I’m trying to solve problems I’ve not yet run into (and my not even exist) :nerd_face:

You could get a hold of one of those light scanners and scan/3d print your head to a terrifying effect


No one wants to see that…



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“Terrifying affect” achieved!

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