Dimensional Freighting in LTL

Does anyone have any resolutions or ideas for dimensional freighting in LTL. We ship out of the ordinary parts such as pole vaults, hurdles, etc. Can anyone recommend specific logistics software?

C.H. robinson Navisphere might work for you and Epicor is already starting an integration with them I believe.

Do you ship using your own negotiated rates or are you using a broker today?

@utaylor We use our own negotiated rates.

Okay well throw out Navisphere then or ask them if something has changed and they allow your own rates to be used.

That’s going to be the sticking point with all the companies you start to interview/interact with.

You should lead with that question.

Rates are not our current issue yet. We need a system that actively can estimate freight dimensions for products on a pallet for an LTL shipment.

What you are asking for is planning and optimization of shipments I believe then yeah?

@utaylor Yes sir. We are looking for third party software to plan and optimize shipments. I am hoping another company has used third party software such as freightview, convoy, or anything. There are so many different programs, I am wondering if anyone on the forum uses one that works well.

I do not believe Freightview has optimization or planning, I could be wrong though. We are just implementing Freightview to start using a TMS. Freightview DOES give analytics for historical analysis so you can plan better in the future, but I don’t think it does any real-time planning or optimization.

I will be interested to see if anyone else here is using a third-party shipping optimization/planning service and has it integrated with Epicor.

Hey utaylor, looking to get some insight from someone who uses Epicor and TMS. How are you liking FreightView? Does it work well for your needs? Any shortcomings?

Billy! Believe it or not we are still implementing it. We think it will work well. Looking to go live on it soon.

The one shortcoming is you can’t book 3rd party shipments (consignee) shipments with it using their API which is a huge downside.

A huge upside is that they are listening to customers and actively implementing enhancements.