Disable all Data & Method Directives with one click?

I am having a problem with DMT and a custom field. It is possible that one of our Data or Method Directives is causing the problem. Is there a way for me to disable all BPM directives with one switch? (or another way to run the DMT without any customizations interfering?)

Thank you.

It is possible that it’s causing a problem, but without some planning, it’s not possible to turn off the BPM’s with one click. One thing that you can do is to add a condition to your BPM’s that ignore certain user ID’s and run the DMT with that user ID.

You can pretty easily find all of your BPM’s By searching by the in the directive group. Blank is considered it’s own group, so every BPM that you have will show up.

Via the module Directive update

You select your group, and it applies the change enable/disable to the whole group either a data directive or a method directive.

But be carefull … in our case, some directives are present but not active… if reactivated via this tool, you could create a some unwanted behaviors…

So maybe slect all your directives and manually check all of them… if inactive, just change it’s group to Disabled (that is what I have done) so the next time I need to addresse a similar situation, I could go ahead and use the Directive Update…

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You can enable Tracing in DMT, and see what BPM’s are being called.

And aren’t all the BPM’s that a company puts in place there for a reason? And since DMT uses the same business logic as the UI, anything they would do via the UI should also be done when using DMT.

I always do it via the web.config – no IIS reboot needed - you just change the flag, instant kick-in. Then I can enable them again without having to worry which one was enabled, which one wasn’t.


Also once I messed up the Login BPM and couldn’t even login :slight_smile: and disabling them via SQL on my DEV didn’t work they still ran despite switching it to Disabled on the BPM Tables.