So we just signed a big contract. WooHoo. The issue is a company is sending us an assembly. We will then disassemble it make repairs (on a job) as needed and reassemble it and sell it to them. All the parts must be able to be stocked and have to ability to scrap. They are also coming from 8 different countries and we cannot mix the parts up( This is not a big deal just different part numbers.). The big problem I cant figure out is the disassembly part.

They don’t have disassembly yet. You have to fake it with co-parts.

Could you explain a little on this?


Depending on what the disassembly process looks like you might be able to make a bunch of jobs that consume x% of the base assembly and spit out a component part…

Thank you

Good Morning MTooch,

We use a job for part called “Disassembly” to salvage parts from jobs. There’s details in this post in case it is of interest to you: Rework Jobs