DMR Check Boxes Question

I’m looking into DMR processing automation to reduce paper. I see that there is these check boxes but nothing in Help about them doing anything.
Does anyone use these in a creative way to build workflows for check offs? or is there an out of the box functionality that i am missing?

My thoughts are using these to notify that there are DMRs that need to be processed by certain teams. and use this as a tracker for who has completed their part of the check offs.

These checkboxes are there for user to use for whatever purpose they think fit – like reporting, BPM, internal/ISO processes, etc.

Vinay Kamboj

Not sure about now, but help used to mention it was for workflows and you could require certain boxes to be checked before moving forward (in jobs too). I never saw this implemented, but it could be useful if you need to track completions.

i would say that, create your own UD fields and use it as per your requirement, you may need more than check boxes, may be userID, DateTime, ActionType, General Notes, and if i were you i will capture all of that at Corrective Action screen, as all these fields for such information already there and more, all what you need to do is few BPM’s to notify Teams/Groups, and if you like a dashboard to monitor progressing on this area

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Hi @Craig
you might find this thread useful for what you are trying to achieve

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Thank you.

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