DMR Debit Memo and AP Invoice help

Accounting emailed me an issue or question they had about DMRs and Debit Memos. I am still working through this in my test environment. Accounting it not my strong area.

This is what they sent me…
DMR 9186 was processed by the Buyer with a $450.00 Debit Memo – (one piece) – see DMR Tracker screen – HOWEVER as you can see the DMR debit memo was posted to the supplier’s account for $0.00 – which means we did NOT debit them. The $450.00 amount did NOT come over during the Retrieving/Posting the DMR (into the Accounts Payable). I can attest (along with Michelle) that the amount was NOT overridden during the Retrieving/Posting of the DMR.

In reviewing the other DMR’s / Debit Memo’s listed below…can’t seem to see the ‘pattern’ that is causing this issue. Can you lend some assistance, and educate us.


Check your entry in All invoices. Is there any return invoice entry?

I am not sure what you mean by return invoice entry…I am not up on accounting processes at all.

Here is a screen shot of the Debit Memo…But the others have $$$.

UPDATE: I did notice that the one that have no $$$ on the invoice have a PO Receipt listed on the Reject not just the Debit entry.

figured it out. Who ever filled out the Reject on the DMR never selected the resolution to say Request Debit memo.

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Do all resolutions with “Request Debit Memo” DMRs appear in AP when doing a Get DMR Debit Memo selection? I am trying to see what criteria must be fulfilled before it appears in AP during the Get DMR Debit Memo selection.