DMR Entry accident

We had a quality member accidently “Accept” parts from the DMR Processing screen as they misunderstood it. It will not let us simply delete the accepted line item. Does anyone know a way to fix this? The only thing that came to my mind was creating a new DMR for those 36 again.

Any help would be appreciated.

The correct way would be to nonconform the parts from wherever they were accepted to and then Fail them from Inspection Processing into a new DMR. Use the Comments fields in the new DMR to refer to the original (where you probably have a lot of stuff documented). Reject them from this new DMR using the appropriate Reason Code so the costing follows as it should.


So I know the warehouse and bin it was accepted to. How do I then mark that nonconformance. I appears to have a transaction back to the job itself.

Look at the part number in Part Transaction History Tracker for the transaction type “DMR-???”.

If it is “DMR-STK”, then it was accepted to stock and can be nonconformed using the Inventory type on Nonconformance (and you’ll need the warehouse and bin location).

If it is “DMR-MTL”, then it was accepted back to a job and can be nonconformed using the Material type on Nonconformance (for which you’ll need the job number, assembly sequence, and material sequence).

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That will do it. Thank you very much.