DMT Adjust QTy - NEG?


After adjusting out the first 3, do you recall if the row for bin HARDW disappear, or remain with a 0 Qty? If it disappeared, you probably would have had to search for it, or manually type it in (as opposed to selecting the row in “Warehouse Bins” grid)

it disappeared…

When you Query PartBin for this part is there a record at all or is it truely gone?
If it’s really gone, confirm against PartWhse.
If PartWhse is showing a decimal value, then run the Update Part On hand/Allocation and/or the Update PartBin with PartTran.
But if PartWhse & PartBin agree, and your UOM is set to not allow decimals and no rounding, then you should be ok going forward.

So it sounds like it wasn’t really a decimal issue. I’ll try making a no-nettable lot and see if I see the same