DMT AP Invoice - Apply Date Not Honored

Has anyone had success at DMT’ing AP Invoices and having the apply date NOT be today? I’m using AP Invoice Combined, and no matter what is in my load, it’ll set the Apply Date to today (2/15/2021 in this case. It’d be nice if I didn’t have to change it in Invoice Entry.

I’ve tried using ApplyDate in the template, as well as FiscalYear and FiscalPeriod, and neither stick. They don’t error, either.

(Good news is we got GL to work for these basic lines - It’ll save us a ton of time entering 800 line credit card statements!)

Thanks for the help.

Look in the template builder, and sort by type. Then look in the section of bit fields for anything that looks like “override” or “bypass”

@ckrusen - Good idea. OverrideEndDate looks promising.

I don’t think DisableAplDate is the one. I’ll test and see.

It actually does use the ApplyDate column for the Invoice Header’s Apply Date.

The Apply date that shows when I open the DMT created AP Inv Grp is todays date:


But when I go to the header tab, I see an apply date equal to what was in my DMT file:




In a nut shell … A new group created by DMT will have todays date for the APInvGrp.ApplyDate. But the individual invoices will use the ApplyDate column from DMT