DMT AP Invoices Combined -- "APInvHed record not found"

Trying to use AP Invoices Combined in 10.2.300 (both DMT v. 38 and v.39 released yesterday).
I keep getting the same error message:

“Table: APInvHed Msg: APInvHed record not found.”

Presumably, this was a known bug (JIRA DMT-286) that was supposed to fix the issue in version 39.
Just curious if others are using this template with success, b/c I cannot get confirmation from Epicor Support if it actually works or not.
According to Epicor, they say I have to manually create the A/P Invoice Header records first (which is not an acceptable solutions with hundreds of imported invoices on a weekly basis).

Hello Tom, dou yoy have a answer about this error “Table: APInvHed Msg: APInvHed record not found.”?

v.41 seems to be creating the headers for me though I never tried on previous versions.

Just for the record, I was receiving this error and was about to rip my hair out. I was moving the column everywhere and if I don’t follow the exact DMT column order it didn’t work. This one seems pickier than most.