DMT AR Invoice Head from 9 to 10

HI everyone,
I am trying to follow the steps in the AR Invoice importing lab from Epicor to load in open AR invoices. I got the invoice group in OK. I am trying to import the AR Headers. The directions say to put company/groupID/InvoiceNum/InvoiceType/SoldToCustID in the template. I did and when I run it in the DMT I get the error that a period is required. I tried importing the fiscal period / year on the template too but it threw up more errors…

I checked the group in 10 and there is no period in the header for the group. Our fiscal calendar is set up for the whole of 2017.

Any ideas?


Hi Melissa,

How would you perform this action in the Epicor screens? Would you use the AR Invoice Entry screen or would you use the AR Invoice Load Maintenance screen? In DMT, the AR Open Load Import corresponds to the Epicor AR Invoice Load Maintenance screen.