DMT categories linking to corresponding Tables?

Thanks! I didn't even know that area existed! Lots of good stuff in there! might be a great time saver to have those maps! Thank you!


Looking for any documentation which we could use to assist us in figuring out which tables each categories in the DMT link to? For instance, when we open the DMT and select warehouse Bin… What table would we need to create a BAQ in 8.03 to give us the corresponding information? (We do know which table the warehouse bin info comes from, but there are lesser known tables that would require some extensive digging into the data dictionary)

 Any information anyone can provide me would be great.

Larry Jedik

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>>tables, field names.
Have you looked at the files section - DataMaps folder?
There are quite a few PDFs there.
I know I've seen a couple other good PDFs in other sections of the files too.

This is one of the nice things in E9 compared to V8...
Epicor added a field help to it's forms,  much easier to find the underlying table.fieldnames.