DMT Change To Part's Resource Group, Production Standard, and Format

We are wanting to do a mass update of our Parts and Resource Groups, along with production standard and standard format. I’ve looked through the DMT and cannot find anything that looks like it will work. Anyone know if we can make this change through the DMT?

We’re currently on Vantage 8.03.410

There is no direct DMT analog to the Engineering “Mass Replace” processes. To replicate that functionality via DMT would mean using the Bill of Operations and Bill of Materials DMT uploads to directly modify your individual BOO and BOM records.

(Your profile still says you’re on Vantage 8.03…)

The problem is we don’t want to do a mass replace, as far as I can tell. Mass replace changes all of a specific resource group to another resource group, correct? We want to do it based on part numbers as we’re not getting rid of the resource group but changing it for some parts.

The the DMT you want is the Bill of Operations DMT, which will update the ECOOpDtl record, a sub-table to the ECOOpr table (which is what contains the Resource Group that the Operation uses).

This is a somewhat simplified version of what I’d do next…

First of all, create a BAQ of the Part, PartRev, PartOpr and PartOpDtl tables with inner joins to get probably a lot more information than you’ll likely need. From PartOpDtl you’ll need at least OpDtlSeq and ResourceGrpID (and perhaps others depending on your environment). Make sure it includes ALL the parts/revisions you want to change! At this point I’d copy the data into Excel and do the filtering and changing there. (If you have more than one Resource/Resource Group on an Operation, you’ll see that there are OpDtlSeq records for each one.) Fold/Spindle/Mutilate this spreadsheet to make your DMT upload template.

Let me know if this makes any sense or not, and we can go from there!

Ernie, thanks for the information. I plan on hitting this tomorrow so we will see what I need. You’ve given me a great start.