DMT.exe xml export

Hello, Quick question about exporting XML with DMT.exe. I am trying to run the following command, but only get CSV output. I see that there is a -ExportDataFormat switch, but it does not seem to export xml with the following command.

Start C:\Epicor\ICE3.2.500.0Client\Client\DMT.exe -User=DMT -Pass=xxxxx -Export -ExportDataFormat=xml -BAQ=“Shop_Orders” -Target=“\Some\Location\Export\Shop_Orders.xml” -NoUI -DisableUpdateService

I tried putting xml in " ", but no luck. Any one has success with this switch?

Hi David,

-ExportData: Exports format of all imports to specified file
-ExportDataFormat: Set to xml to export imports to xml rather than csv

DMT.exe … -ExportDataFormat=xml -ExportData="C:\Temp" will generate:

Exports all DMT data templates that you can use to import data. If you chose XML it create several xml files in the -target output path.

Arguments -BAQ and -Export are for calling a BAQ and exporting the data as CSV (only).
-Export: When Export is set and Import is not, this tells DMT to perform a BAQ Export.
-BAQ: The name of the BAQ to run in BAQ Export mode.

DMT.exe … -export -baq=zCustomer01 -target=“C:\Temp\baqoutput.csv” -UseFieldNames


To achieve what you are looking for, use the BAQ Export Process instead of DMT.
The xml file will be stored on the EpicorData folder under Processes.


Not sure if this process is available on your current version though. Hope it does.


Oh man… Thanks so much for the reply!! We are currently using BAQ export for XML and it seems to only allow us to export to the server that Epicor is installed on. Our hope was to move those exports to other storage. I can always set up a script to manually move those XML files to the remote storage on a schedule. Thanks for confirming that -Export and -ExportDataFormat xml don’t play well together.

Still can. You can use the FileTransfer endpoint in REST and pull the file down in a PowerShell module. You can even run the BAQ right before it.