DMT for BOO running very slow

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I am working on a project to go from a single site to 2 sites with the goal of trying to isolate our biggest customer into the new site.
So far everything is going well.
I am “moving” all approved revisions from the original site to the new site.
I’m at the step of updating all relevant BOOs so that they use the resource group that is defined in the new site.

The DMT I’m running is “simply” changing the Resource Group on the operation from the one in the old site to the Resource Group in the new site.

It’s processing 6,502 records and is currently running at 5 RPM. The DMT is running on the same server that hosts the application server and the database server.

In short, my question is, does the DMT for Bill of Operations normally run this slow? Am I missing something?

There was a time a couple of years ago (summer 2018 through spring 2019, 10.2.200) when the DMT for Bill of Operations was slower than Epicor’s website. At that time Epicor Support recommended we download and use an older version.

I was on a project where we were uploading tens of thousands of records, so it was a pretty big deal. Downgrading to the older version saved our bacon.

I don’t know if that’s even an option now, but it might be worth a support ticket to find out.

Is there a BPM (likely Data Directive) on these?
Look at ECOOpr, PartOpr, ECOOpDtl, PartOpDtl, PartRev, etc.

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Thanks All so far.
It is behaving like the KB article suggests and I do not have any BPMs or DDs that would interfere.
I don’t see how to update DMT for 10.2.600.13. DMT says it’s version 10.2.600.12

It should update along with the client to be the same version as the patch installed on the server. What patch version are you running? And have you checked release notes (and this site) to see when the performance issue was introduced and fixed?

Hi Jason.
So does that mean that any bug fixes for DMT are only recognized if you patch Epicor?
Ugh, I hope not.

I reviewed the change logs for 10.2.600 and 10.2.700 and don’t see this issue mentioned.
I could go back but I’m not sure if that would be helpful.

We are on version E10.2.600.13 and DMT says 10.2.600.12

Seems like the client didn’t get updated. As for the patches to DMT, that is my understanding.

Two thing that I found speeded things up were to:

  • break the file into smaller files

  • make sure that the part revision changes are grouped together - i.e. all operations for a part follow sequentially in the file

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I agree with everyone else that has mentioned it, there was an odd issue causing the slowness, but I’ve also seen BPMs (once had a emailing BPM that slowed things down).
Keep in mind that the BOO or BOM DMT loads are hitting a lot of tables, no matter how simple or small of a change you are making. Both loads actually go through the same process as you do in the client to make a change:

Check Out the revision (hits all the ECOXXXX tables and matching PartXXXX tables, like PartMtl and ECO Mtl, PartOpr, ECOOpr, PartOprDtl, ECOOprDtl, etc) If there are any BPM’s on those tables that code is processed and evaluated and maybe take an action.

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