DMT into new UOMs on the Part UOM table?


I created a new UOM on the UOM table and added it to the appropriate UOM Class table (UOM is called “CX”).

When I view the Part UOM table for existing parts, the new UOM (CX) is available and allows me to set the ConvFactor.

When I attempt to DMT in PartUOM, the DMT tool appears to show the records as if they updated for “CX”, however, when I return to the Part UOM screen the ConvFactor is still showing “0”.

During testing I have found the new UOM (CX) does not appear in a BAQ search, until I physically go to the individual Part UOM screen, change ConvFactor on the new UOM “CX” and save. The action of clicking into ConvFactor on the new UOM seems to activate the UOM (CX) for the 1 specific Part Number I was on. BAQ search then picks up “CX” on that 1 specific part number and DMT works fine on that 1 part number.

I’m not sure if I need to change the DMT file or if I am misunderstanding something about the Part UOM table? Please let me know if anyone has suggestions

DMT is just simulating the user. You may have to run the update twice. First pass will add the uom to PartUOM and then second pass will populate the value.

If that doesn’t do it then you could put a post processing bpm that did the update after the PartUOM row was added.

Have you also added that UOM into the UOM Class?

Yes, I feel like I should be able to update this with DMT because it is simple as a user. 2 passes was my 1st thought too, I tried a few different iterations of the DMT file (with and without ConvFactor on the 1st pass). Also tried messing around having the “ConvOperator” & “ConvOverrride = TRUE” columns in the DMT files, but nothing seems to be effective through the DMT tool.

Yes, I added it to the UOM Class before trying the DMT

If it doesn’t show in a baq it didn’t get added even with no errors. I would trace the part entry adding process and see what is firing behind the scenes that you would need to add to a bpm. Depending on the number of parts it could be more work that you would save by having it done manually.