DMT license

Epicor 9.05.701

We’ve just created a new company, however a user is getting an error when trying to DMT into it:

Company is not Licensed in DMT

All other existing companies have DMT and they work fine…is there something that should have been done for this new company to enable DMT?

Thanks in advance.

Email Epicor customer service, I usually get a new license within a few minutes (during business hours)

Make sure you send siteid and list all companies you have in Epicor for the license file.

CustomerService at

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Right…anytime you add a company, you need a new DMT license. Give them the list of all company codes you have (or will have) and they’ll get you the proper license.






Think the licensing dept. will honour my request? J

I have the updated license from epicor customer services, how do i apply it?

Put it in the same directory as the DMT.exe is


DMT Installation Guide v3.0.pdf (241.9 KB)


I have done this and removed the old license file but the user still gets a license error when trying to use DMT.

I don’t recall installing DMT several times (and in different locations), but I did find the executable and license files in several locations.


Maybe your user is launching one of the “other” installs


Could maybe also be either the Epicor user they are using to login to DMT doesn’t have access to the new company you created or Epicor sent you a incorrect lic file. I’ve had this happen to me before on several occasions and by the 2nd or 3rd time, Epicor did finally send the correct updated lic file with the added company. I usually send them a screen shot from the EAC that shows all companies and their codes. Hope this helps.

Mark, it should be looking the client directory for the lic file.
Make sure they are not running dmt from an old location like the server directory. Check the shortcut path they are using to launch the dmt.

When you launch DMT as a user thats logged into “another company” that you know you are licensed for… on the bottom right is a cog, click it and look at Licensing Info… in my case I’ve had to ask for a DMT License several times due to typo’s and truncated numbers (005… being 5 missing 00).

apologies everyone,…this seemed to do it, (the person doing it did it on a pc with an old licence!)

To apply the new license to the pc with DMT on it:

  1. On the PC that holds a DMT license, locate the .lic file (probably named DMT_PriorScientificInstrumentsLimited 19.07.2013)…this will probably be found near the dmt.exe file.

  2. Remove the file probably named DMT_PriorScientificInstrumentsLimited 19.07.2013 and replace it with the attached, keeping it in the same location.*

  • Be aware the .lic file could be present in multiple locations. If so, replace both files.
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