DMT negative inventory - not honoring Part Class rules

We have configured the Part Class to warn or produce an error if we drive inventory negative, but I’m receiving reports that if we move inventory via DMT we can drive inventory negative and not receive an error or warning.

Stepping back a bit, we constantly transfer physical inventory between our plant and a contract manufacture that builds some of our products and we use DMT to ensure inventory in Epicor matches reality. We’ve found human error in a couple of these DMT transfers has driven inventory negative resulting in invalid purchasing suggestions.

We’d like to find a solution to prevent such errors to ensure we don’t purchase materials we don’t actually need.

I don’t think having the part class set to “Warn” will do anything when making adjustments via DMT. You’ll probably need to set it to “Stop” for DMT to throw an error and prevent the transaction.

And if the Stop setting on the part class doesnt work, make a BPM to throw an exception if the ADJ-QTY transaction woukd cause QOH to go negative.

And just curious… does the Part Class setting warn/stop on a bin going negative or only on total QOH (sum of all Bin QOH’s) going negative?

Warn and Stop are both bin/lot specific.

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I believe that at the Part Class setting, Epicor is only looking at the TOTAL QOH. I have had transactions causing one bint to go negative when I had positive quantities in other bins (netting to a positive) where the error was not thrown.

Lots going negative are caught by a different mechanism.

PLEASE test this in your environment to confirm!

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We use part class negative stopping without lots and it’s at the bin level.

I know when we imported data, as much as I didn’t want to do it I had to import all the negatives first then import the positive QOH. This ensured the On hand in Epicor matched with our old. A stocktake would have been cleaner though