DMT Processing Slow

We’ve been loading in open orders from our old ERP into 10.1 and it was running pretty fast at first. We have about 12k orders with a total of just over 16k releases to load. The rate of our OrderRel DMT is down to 2 records/min, it was near 25 when we first started.

With that many releases, we split it up into multiple DMT files to run one-at-a-time. The first files ran fast.

Is there any way to help speed up DMT?

One way is to make sure you don’t have unnecessary BPMs enabled during the data load. Sometime you need the BPMs to perform specific business process requirements. You also need to explore with your DBA any DB housekeeping SQL-Server maintenance jobs that maybe interfering with your data load. Last but not least, have you tried loading your data during non-prime time business hours?


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if you will run multiples DMT files at the same time you can run Multiple IIS process for your appserver too to balance the load.


I did start it last night after hours, the first 2 batches ran at 25ish RPM and loaded within a few hours. I started last nights and it was still running this morning at 2 RPM. We stopped it but I even made a small 10row file and it still ran at 2 RPM. Hence my question.

Our DBA did mention a shrink of the index could help. There wasn’t any over-night maintenance plans other than a backup at 3am.

Do you have ReadyToCalc on the header set to False for your orders - you should find that has a positive impact on the speed - details in the help on why (tax Calculations among others)

Yes, I always set the ReatToCalc value in a separate DMT file as it slows DMTs down.

We just had a large number of orders with 2000+ releases that were slow to load via DMT.