DMT question - change in GL Journal Combined?

There is a table in the the GL Journal Combined DMT template builder GLJrnDtlMnl that has replaced the detail table and the process I was using previously to enter in JE no longer works. I can’t figure out what I’m supposed to use now.

Is there a help or something I can reference to figure out how this is supposed to done now? I entered in JE about 2 weeks ago and since then the process has changed in DMT.

GlJrnDtlMnl is the table that starts the process. When you post, it goes into GlJrnDtl. This is standard, so yes.

Thanks, I misdiagnosed my issue. I reopened the old DMT version I downloaded on 5/31 and saw that the tables were the same.

Unfortunately the DMT landing page is “bandwidth exceeded” at the moment so the update isn’t prompting me. I will try to get in to epicweb later to download it and review the differences. Basically the old version let me use column headings in my CSV of GLAccount, TotCredit, TotDebit and the updated one didn’t let me, and I must have been picking the wrong column headers. I was getting one row for the group and no detail records. I’m going to try to recreate this in my pilot to figure out what I need to change.


TLDR: These validate fine in the copy I have from 5/31 they do not in the most recent.

Just struck this little gem. Just validating some imports prior to a full import on the weekend…To my dismay my GL journal imports are broken…rolling back to an earlier version I am hoping will help. seems to work ok

As of 10.2.500 DMT is packages with your software update, and there is no longer a separate download on Epicweb. This means as a cloud customer I no longer have the option to pick an earlier version.

I still can’t get combined journal entries to work with DMT, I have given up and I manually create the batch and journal and then do a DMT import of the detail only pointing to these identifiers.

The other option you have is to use the General Ledger Import. Financial Management/General Ledger/General Operations/General Ledger Import.

I just have not had the time to document the differences and log with support, so if your up for it, you would be doing everyone big favor. :slight_smile: