DMT Record lock

Updating DMT Job Operations - Over 57000 records updated and yet (roughly) 90 are receiving the following error.

Table: JobOpDtl Msg: Row has been modified by another user and couldn’t be updated.

I’ve disabled any job BPMs that we might have.

Strange thing I I keep running the reprocess file and I get a few more records to go through. Seems silly to just sit here and keep running the import until I get down to 0.

any ideas on how I can find more information on what’s causing the record lock?

This is very strange…

To troubleshoot I was taught to use the UI and trace on a failed record trying the same insert.

I sent JobOpDtl#JobNum, OprSeq, AssemblySeq, Company the same as JobOper and sent JobOpDtl#ResourceGrpID