DMT Serial Number Import

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Can someone point to me to a guide on using DMT to preload serial numbers for a receipt? I’m trying to get to the point where I’m adding a part line with X quantity and having the SN list preloaded with available serial numbers. I’ve been tooling around with DMT and it asked me for the following columns: Company,Plant,PartNum,SerialNumber,SNReference,CustID,SNStatus

After these got entered in the import finally got started but all it did was import in SHIPPED status.

There’s got to be something I’m missing.


Try this with the status = In Receipt

You may also need something in the reference field. For now just add the
word receipt as well and see if that works

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Doesn’t like that either.

These are the available options from the Field Help information.

INVENTORY, WIP, SHIPPED, INSPECTION, DMR, MISC-ISSUE,REJECTED,PACKED = assigned in shipment process but not yet shipped; CONSUMED = issued as raw material to a job parent assembly if full serial tracking or assigned as a child component if outbound tracking.

When you first do a receipt of the SN in receipt entry the status in SN
Maintenance is changed to In Receipt. I can’t find a way to override this
without an error. It wants the pack number and line as part of the In
Receipt status update. Not sure if you can DMT the PO Receipt with a pack
and line and then try the import

The only other way we have done this is to create a csv file with the
serial numbers to import and then through custom code load the SN’s and let
the Epicor logic assign the In Receipt status

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Capstone Alliance Partners 888.597.2227 Ext. 71
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There are two steps to importing serial numbers: (1) Import the serial numbers using these columns: Company, Plant, PartNum, SerialNumber, CustID, and SNReference where CustID is a real customer but usually I have this pointed to “our company” as a customer; the status will always be SHIPPED, and then (2) Update the serial numbers you just imported by setting the SNStatus = “ADJUSTED” and this will now allow you to import the on-hand quantities for the serialized parts.

Yeah I fumbled onto the adjustment solution but I miss all the receiving information since I’m trying to do it through receipt entry… Unless there’s a way to tie that together.

Ugh… this is what I was afraid of.

I have never created PO receipts for serialized parts. What happens when you have created the serial number and then attempt to add it as a new receipt line?

Nothing shows in the available column to move over unless I do it through the ADD SERIAL tab… I’m not sure if the “retrieve available” button should be part of the process, but that’s grayed out.

I tried to duplicate in on my DB in terms of SN maintenance for receiving.
You cannot assign an In Receipt status in SN maintenance as you do not have
the pack slip and line created yet.

There is no Available SN to retrieve in PO Receipts because you are telling
the system what SN you are receiving. It is not like pre-assigning serial
numbers to jobs

There is no DMT for receipt entry so I am not sure what to recommend other
than if you are trying to create PO Receipts en masse with serial numbers
coming from a file you can do it through a customization but other than
that I don’t think DMT will let you do what you want to do

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Use the attached file as a guide. There are 4 tabs. Run them in this sequence. 1 - create the serial numbers, 2 - update the status of the serial number to ADJUSTED (DO NOT RUN THIS - all serial numbers must remain in a SHIPPED status), 3 - create the receipt header, and 4 - create the receipt lines.

SN Testing.xlsx (10.8 KB)

Looks promising. Let me tool around with this.

For some reason RCVHEAD is having a strange results. DMT looks like it processes, but nothing get created. I even query for the pack # and nothing.

I took it a step further and even try to just update an existing test pack and nothing.

Let me know if you want to review together on a GoToMeeting. Here is my contact info: Matt Hellwig, 714-473-2499,

We just upgraded to 10.1.500.18 and the new version of DMT ( has uploads for both PO Receipt and Job Receipt to inventory that have room to load up serial numbers. Would you be able to just DMT the entire receipt and create the serial numbers that way?


This certainly looks like the case. We’re setup a little different since we have a receipt process that DOESN’T go against a PO.

Matt ran into a way to process these such invoices, but I think out of the box, DMT will work well with Receits that have an exsisting PO.

I’m going to test it out on our server this week.

So we just did it with out a PO number and it worked great. Seems like there were a couple other columns to add to do so but I was able to import 400 serial numbers in this last order through DMT successfully.

Many thanks again to Matt for helping figure this out. DMT certainly has polished up to be a super useful tool.

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Hi Matt, we have our SN’s created but we are unable to retrieve them in the Receipt Entry. It does however let us search for a SN and find it. What are we missing?

I wonder if the status of the SN is preventing receipt of it. Perhaps, in your Test or Pilot database, change one of the serial number’s to a different status like Adjusted.