DMT to Delete Resource Group Line in Ops Maintenance


We are currently in our dev environment, switching to Kinetic for the first time. I imported our list of Operations in Operation Maintenance, but then at the same time imported multiple Scheduling Requirements Resource Groups for several ops, thinking that was the way to go.

Now, I’m needing to delete the extra line items so that there is only 1 resource group per operation.

If I run the Delete function in DMT for this line (trying to get rid of the 40 sequence), it ends up deleting the entire operation.

And if I try to do what I’ve seen in some of the threads, to add a Row Mod with “D” in the field. But it doesn’t appear to do anything if I run as Update, and if I run as Delete, it deletes the entire operation again:

I am not sure what I am missing…thanks!

I don’t see a DMT import for just the OpDtls. So you have to run two two imports. First one is a Delete run that wipes out the ops. The second is a add/updatate that repopulates them. TBH, it’s cleaner this way. It will restart the OpDtlSeq at 10 and there will be no gaps between the dtl seqs.


Got it. Thank you very much, this helps!

I’ve never tried deleting but I do see the OpDtls in my template.

and for Jobs


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What version of Kinetic are you running on? Heads up that there was a recent bug in the DMT tool that was duplicating resources when adding Bill of Operations via DMT.

We are on 2023.2.5. I had intentionally imported multiple Op Detail Sequences for the Scheduling Requirements Resource Group, then later changed my approach. So that was on me.

but thanks for letting me know about the bug, I’ll keep an eye on it in my next imports.

You should be good then if you’re on 2023. Wanted to mention it just in case. KB info below.

Knowledge Page - EpicCare (

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