DMT update CommentText in PartOpr and JobOpr for one Opr

I’m a DMT novice, but I’d like to be better. We have an Operation with CommentText that references an outdated document. For compliance purposes, we need to print something different on our Travelers. I can do the quick and dirty easy enough, but I’m wondering if there’s a clear path through DMT to make a cleaner fix.

I believe I figured out how to update the JobOpr table (just had to temporarily uncheck 2 boxes in Company Config), but unless we fix all the Methods that are also carrying this text, new Jobs will get the old reference. I don’t see PartOpr exposed in DMT the same way as JobOpr - I did some reading here (thanks) and it sounds like I need to run it through the ECO tables instead? How can that work with closed ECO records? Or maybe I need to make a new ECO group with all of the qualifying PartRevs and mass update it while its open? Am I talking out of my behind? Halp!

You can update operations with the Bill of Operations template in DMT.



Not sure how you are managing the revision side of it. If you are overwriting your current revision, use the update flag and update the existing operation. If you are creating a new revision then you will need a new rev, plus operation and materials.

At the bare minimum, your bill of operations template will need the following columns.


You can add CommentText to this for your note changes.


Msg: The Group Is closed. (x5723)

Can I use DMT to just open them back up temporarily? Also, a lot of these groups reference the same Part-Rev-Op … I’m just assuming redundancy is no big deal.

I don’t want to change anything but the CommentText field - in all the important places that it propagated out from Operation Maintenance.

yep Company, PartNum, RevisionNum, OprSeq, OpCode, Plant and ECOGroupID are the minimum fields you have to have to update the table. To update the comment field relating to the BOO this field is CommentText. Pretty simple to do, I believe it will check it out and back in again as part of the process.