DMT Upgrade from 4.0.32 to 4.0.34 failure?

We recently updated from to When I launched DMT, instead of upgrading from 4.0.32 -> 4.0.34, I got a version mismatch error. No biggie, I downloaded the most recent version from EpicWeb and am off and running. I’m not sure if it’s a local issue or if there’s a problem with the AutoUpdate for DMT. If anyone else runs across it, I’ll open a case but if it’s just us then I won’t worry about it.

Mark W.

Hi Mark,

no issue’s for me updating went fine
also running



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Cool. I’ll let it slide.


Mark W.

The good news is DMT.exe got it’s Icon back… :wink:


Except for the fact that if you pin the DMT program to your task bar you can’t tell what you are opening…

Although, you can change the icon on a short-cut…just sayin’. :wink:

That’s what I do. It would just be more convenient if it had it’s own. Just sayin…

It’s fun to watch support on a webex get all confused when I have different Icons for production and pilot.

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