Is there a way to undo a DMT and revert back to original change?

There isn’t an undo button. You could run an update and change the values back if you know what they were. Otherwise, you’ll need your dB backups.

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How do I access my db backups and apply the previous one back into the system?

You would need to ask your dB/system administrator that. There are an infinite number of ways someone could be backing up SQL. How you access those and retrieve data will depend on what tool they are using to backup SQL and where they are storing that.

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Yash you are on one heck of a run here in the past couple weeks.

I have to ask, are you live on epicor or just getting it ready to test?


We are already live on epicor

I would highly recommend a test environment if you don’t already have one. That way, you can test your DMT and if it goes wrong just roll the entire environment back.

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The DMT in the best case can be unpredictable. If you had a copy of your database in a test or pilot, then you could extract the old values and send them to your live database.

If you are the sole administrator, as soon as you catch a breath, I would make it a priority to become familiar with Database backup and restore processes.

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I agree 100%.

@ypatel , I would be backing up everything. DMT can be unpredictable. I just had to use a backup this year because it overwrote data in a field I didn’t reference when it said it was just updating 1 field.

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